Restaurant | Serenity Bungalows


You will spend during your holiday, you will be fed with natural and healthy food. Our Garden of oranges squeezed fresh orange juice, pomegranate juice or fresh lemon we made lemonade, tea, coffee, you can start the day with. Muesli or granola-yogurt-milk. Our organic fruit jam from our house. Famous Cirali honey, walnuts, goat cheese, Ezine cheese, cheddar cheese. A very special extra virgin olive oil and olives. Egg, butter, tomatoes grown in the region, cucumber, watermelon, cantaloupe. Pie, donut, our specialty cakes. Your breakfast will be a feast in the mood ...

Lunch & Dinner

Our kitchen is of traditional Mediterranean and regional cuisine bears the characteristics of Cirali. Traditional soups, salads, olive oil dishes, vegetable dishes, grilled meats, seafood and desserts prepared and served by request. Our kitchen is a la carte.